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My name’s Adriana, chosen in honor of the man who took me out of my mother’s womb and delivered me into this world in Simba-like glory.

My middle name translated to Empress. See. aforementioned Simba-like glory.

People call me Ace or Zuela or—I don’t know, I respond to most everything. Strangers like to greet me by cheerfully shouting, “Stop reading that f-ing book, you psycho! Look where you walk!” which is just short from the beginning of a chick-flick, right? ;)

 aaygeecee said: What even? Why? Your tumblr is so pleasant… Maybe they got the wrong address? Can that happen?

i almost missed this but i did not. ha! win

I thought that at first! But that anon kept sending me messages after that first one. I just deleted them until he went away ;)

Maybe they found the love of books offensive idk

❝ I read everything. I think my voracious reading came from a deep longing for something that was missing. I was searching for someone. For my story. To not feel so alone. ❞

- (via fictionalheroine)